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Exploring Georgia: Unveiling Junny Tours’ Unique Offerings for Chinese Travelers

Between 15-17 November, Junny Tours partnered with Dragon Trail to exhibit at COTTM 2023. Dragon Trail caught up with Junny Tours’ CEO to learn more about the organization’s growth, strategic approach, and the unique selling points that set Junny Tours apart in the travel market.

Between 15th-17th November, Junny Tours partnered with Dragon Trail International to exhibit at the China Outbound Travel & Tourism Market (COTTM). Dragon Trail caught up with Junny Tours’ CEO Snir Yosef to learn more about the organization’s growth, strategic approach in catering to Chinese tourists, and the unique selling points that set Junny Tours apart in the competitive travel market. The interview shed light on Junny’s preparations to welcome Chinese tourists, showcasing the company’s commitment to providing tailored experiences and its emphasis on personalized packages.

Interviewer: Can you introduce yourself and Junny Tours?

Snir Yosef: Nice to meet you. I’m Snir Yosef, the CEO of Junny Tours. We are the leading DMC (Destination Management Company) in Georgia. Our services span across the globe, catering to clients from countries such as Israel and India. Annually, we host nearly 100,000 visitors in Georgia.

Interviewer: What are the most interesting attractions and experiences in Georgia for Chinese tourists?

Snir Yosef: Georgia offers a complete package for Chinese tourists. It boasts breathtaking scenery, panoramic views, and extraordinary natural beauty. Alongside shopping areas, it offers a unique culture that is unmatched worldwide. For instance, Batumi, a coastal city, resembles the Macau of the Black Sea coast, offering entertainment, vibrant nightlife, and diverse party scenes. Georgia, being the birthplace of wine, emphasizes its wine culture, featuring family-owned chateaus where visitors can taste a variety of wines in a picturesque setting. The wine tasting experiences allow guests to savor local flavors amidst beautiful landscapes.

Interviewer: What’s the situation of the supply side in the tourism market in Georgia?

Snir Yosef: Georgia is essentially Europe, soon to join the European Union. However, prices remain significantly affordable compared to Europe—almost 50% less. Visitors can find renowned hotel brands like Hilton, Marriott, and Accor at budget-friendly rates. Georgia thrives on tourism and is devoted to catering to tourists. Its people are welcoming, contributing to its charm.

Interviewer: Can you introduce a classic route that you’d recommend to Chinese tourists?

Snir Yosef: While it’s challenging to pick one route, I’d suggest starting in Tbilisi, the capital city, to experience Georgia’s rich history and cultural ambiance. Then, journey to the Kazbegi Mountains to witness the awe-inspiring Caucasus Mountains. The itinerary concludes in Batumi—a captivating seaside city with a blend of popular tourist attractions and shopping, while offering the chance to explore the Black Sea.

Interviewer: What are the main differences in the packages you offer?

Snir Yosef: Our packages revolve around catering to individual client preferences. In today’s era, personal experiences and customization are key. Whether clients seek wine culture immersion, scenic beauty, or shopping, we curate packages tailored to their desires.

Interviewer: What preparations has Junny Tours made to welcome Chinese tourists?

Snir Yosef: We’ve made substantial preparations by employing Chinese staff, tour guides, and a COO proficient in the language. Recognizing the language barrier, we aim to streamline communication for Chinese agents, ensuring a smoother experience.

Interviewer: If a Chinese travel agency wants to discuss business cooperation with Junny Tours, how do they reach you?

Snir Yosef: They can connect with us through various channels—WeChat, email, WhatsApp, and our website. We’ve ensured multiple communication avenues for easy access to information online.

About Junny Tours:

Established in 2018, Junny has been growing successfully and is now the largest DMC/tour operator in Georgia. Our company’s reputation is supported by reliability, stability, creativity, and thorough knowledge of the field in which we work. Junny is the official representative of Israel Airlines in Georgia and holds 40% of the local Israeli market, which amounts to 90,000 visitors annually.

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